KC Armstrong Music Bass Vocalist

KC Armstrong Music Bass Vocalist

KC Armstrong Music Bass VocalistKC Armstrong Music Bass VocalistKC Armstrong Music Bass Vocalist

Book KC as a concert soloist, ask him about King's Cadence, let him contract singers for your concerts and recordings.

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2019 Will Bring Many Changes!!

Said goodbye to PromisedLand as their bass vocalist on January 5 after traveling weekends with them for 5 years--Taking on solo dates and booking a new quartet called, "King's Cadence"--Moved the Armstrongs back down to East Tennessee to be closer to family--Retired from The US Army Chorus this past summer with over 20 years of service

KC makes music with



With over 23 years of professional vocal experience, KC will bring a breadth of knowledge to your concert or recording. As a concert soloist or ensemble singer, he knows when to stand out, lead and blend.



As a bass vocalist, KC's repertoire includes sacred classics, gospel, bluegrass, country, doo wop, spirituals, oratorio and opera. He has also been a recording engineer and producer for independent recording projects. 



Whether it is his honesty in negotiating a solo or group engagement or his heartfelt interpretations of the music he may be sharing, KC will always be sincere in his commitments. Contact and hear his passion and sensitivity as a bass vocalist.